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U. SHEFFIELD (UK) — Making solar cells with a process similar to spray-painting could significantly lower their cost and make them available to people in developing countries. The method spray-coats a photovoltaic active layer by an air based process A team of researchers at the University of Alberta has developed a solar cell made from a spray-paint like material, Mashable reports. While it won’t necessarily be applied with a rattle can, this spray-on solar cell could make sun power cheaper. (Nanowerk News) What if all it takes is a coat of paint to convert light energy into electricity? A new generation of photovoltaics will bear no resemblance to the rigid solar panels installed on house roofs. Working with semiconductor nanoparticles Researchers at the University of Notre Dame have developed a ‘solar paint’ that could be slapped on the outside of a house to help generate power for the devices inside. The ‘Sun-Believable’ paint uses semiconducting nanoparticles to produce energy – and They’re too tiny to see, but a new form of light-sensitive nanoparticles could flood the world with solar power. Quantum dots could be the key to putting solar cells everywhere. CNET Colloidal quantum dots sound like something that young Jedi might use for TORONTO – Ted Sargent holds a small paint-on solar cell, about the size of a postage stamp, between his thumb and index finger. It does not look like it could change the world, but Sargent’s backers say the technology just might. They talk of coating .

Researchers at the University of Alberta have found that abundant materials in the Earth’s crust—zinc and phosphorus—can be used to make nanoparticles for solar cell manufacturing. These nanoparticles will enable cheaper production of solar cells Leave it to the Fighting Irish to take a stab at solving the world’s energy woes. Notre Dame researchers have successfully developed solar cells that can be easily painted on to any conductive surface. Imagine, for a moment, applying this solution to your (Nanowerk Spotlight) Solar cells that convert sunlight to electric power traditionally have been dominated by solid state junction devices, often made of silicon wafers. Thanks to nanotechnology, this silicon-based production technology has been challenged Government agencies using solar power may soon be ditching their panels in favor of paint brushes. Researchers at the University of Notre Dame’s Center for Nano Science and Technology (NDnano) have developed a “solar paint” that can be applied on to .

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