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SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — SunPower Corp., the second largest U.S. solar-panel maker, saw its shares rally Monday after the company said it closed on a $200 million loan program to fund residential solar projects over the next two years. The company If a big company is going to take a significant share of residential solar my money would be on NRG Energy. SunPower is the only solar panel maker in this group, but it makes the most efficient panels in the industry at 21.5% and rising. That means Other big players have already placed bets on next-generation technologies: First Solar last year bought high-efficiency silicon cell maker TetraSun and SunPower is part owner of Solexel, a Silicon Valley-based startup. There are a handful of other solar In fact, in the last three years, SunPower’s panels have increased efficiency by 10% while cutting cost/watt by 35% — very important trends in an age of solar commoditization. The result of this reliability and efficiency is that over a 25-year period SunPower, one of the largest solar energy panel makers in the United States, has acquired the proprietary solar project management software of Honolulu-based RevoluSun, one of the largest solar energy firms in Hawaii. Mark Duda, principal for RevoluSun Solar-energy stocks SunPower and First Solar, among others, saw some heat in Thursday trading. Solar-panel maker SunPower (NASDAQ:SPWR) stock jumped 2.7% on the stock market today. SunPower late Wednesday closed a $400 million offering, with the debt sold .

SunPower Corp., one of the largest solar energy panel makers in the United States, acquired solar project management software from RevoluSun, one of the largest solar companies in Hawaii. Mark Duda, principal for RevoluSun, declined to discuss the terms of A manufacturer can also try to vertically integrate. First Solar and SunPower have both pulled this off: the two companies produce solar panels as well as develop commercial projects. SolarCity clearly wants to be the third member of this group. the company continues to design and deliver solar cells and solar panels that are unmatched in long-term reliability, efficiency and guaranteed performance. SunPower designs, manufactures, installs and provides ongoing maintenance and monitoring services The new design combines elements of two of the most efficient types of solar cells available commercially: those produced by the solar company SunPower and an earlier design by Panasonic. SunPower’s cells are highly efficient in part because they do away .

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